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Shaina is French Canadian. She and her husband, Hans, moved from Montreal years ago and now live in Hawaii. They've adopted 10 kids from different parts of the world. The kids love to model for Shaina's comic characters.
Her influences are European. Edmond Baudoin and Hugo Pratt are her favorite artists.
Chinese painting is a passion for her and she'd like to incorporate the techniques in her inking style.
She likes to stick to doing 3 things in life.
1) Anything God wants her to do ...which has included forays into communist countries.
2) Caring for her family ...which includes homeschooling them all.
3) Developing her comics. In the next little while, she hopes to have self-published "Catch a Falling Star" (a spiritual thriller) and "Prismers of Time" (a fantasy allegory).

Shaina comes to us at the recommendation of Monte Wilson- check out the range of talent here!!!  And you'll see even more of Shaina's work in Megazeen #2!